COVID-19 Precautions

Epic Recess will be returning with it's first event of 2021 on Feb. 20! We are still continuing to work with the state and local guidelines to open fun, healthy events as soon as we can. We will be complying with CDC health & safety standards to ensure everyone can come outside and have some fun while staying safe. Please stay safe and respectful of others as we all do what we can to help everyone stay safe together. Thank you.


At Epic Recess we are finding ways to stay fit and give ourselves a little recess while following quarantine guidelines. Try your best to stay active and stay uplifted to maintain a healthy lifestyle during quarantine. Check our Instagram for recess tips!

Or even better yet, get connected with our Patreon to get exclusive trail runs you can run solo on your own. Every week we're marking new trails for you to run on your time. It's a great way to challenge yourself while having fun and being healthy! 

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Creating opportunities for everyone to


Our events will provide opportunities for trail adventures, races, and even multiple-day clinics for learning skills and techniques to enjoy Recess outside. We want to provide outside experiences for novices and ultra athletes alike. No matter your experience you will find our events a fun chance to enjoy running or hiking on a beautiful trail.

Most of all we just want you to have fun, enjoy outside and be encouraged to add Recess to your busy schedule!

We accept the challenge of continually creating a fun and exciting way for you to have RECESS!


- Our new embroidered Epic Recess patches are now rewarded at all events -
Just some more fun swag to style your wardrobe or backpack!




We can all get caught in the repetitive nature of our busy lives, so the goal of Epic Recess is to create events that get people having fun and moving.

Epic Recess is meant to be an exciting break to your everyday!