What a beautiful Race Day with a cool morning then afternoon warm up!
THANK YOU to the teams and all the volunteers who came out
and made the 2023 36 Mile Repeats Team Relay a success!
There were so many strong teams that made the event a super success!
Thank you all!!

Race Results as PDF - June 24 2023 36 Mile Repeats Team Relay 
All event photos available to View and Download HERE

A brand new relay!!

We're spicing it up this year with the addition of our 36 Mile Repeats Relay!
Bring yourself. Bring your best. But to bring the heat, the most important thing is . . .


This is going to be a fun yet competitive event that requires teamwork above all else.
So team up -
It's time for Recess, come out and play!

How it will work

The 36 Mile Repeats Relay has some rules to bump up the fun and bump up the teamwork.
The Course
The 36 Mile Repeats Relay course will be a mile long course in the beautiful Epic Recess Ranch. The mile long loop will need to be completed 36 times for the total 36 Mile relay to be completed.  A dirt course with some slight uphill and downhill action means competitors probably won't be setting world records on the mile long course, but it is still a fast course.
Assemble Your Team
Each team for the Repeats Relay can consist of 2-8 runners. Teams must have at least 2 runners and a team name. The more runners per team, the more time to rest, and the fresher and faster each team member will be. There will be divisions for different team types: Clubs, Corporate, Family, 18 and Under, and Open division.
So grab your friends, grab you family, and grab your coworkers to form a division winning team!
Team Repeat Rules
The particulars to keep everyone involved and really test your teamwork are as follows:
  • No runner may run consecutive miles. This is why a team needs at least 2 people. No running multiple miles in a row.
  • All teammates must run at least 2 exchanges. How the miles are divided aside from that is up to each team, but each member must run at least 2 miles.
  • All teams must have a team name. How else will everyone know who to chant for?


Date: 06/24/23

Location: 22010 Lyons Valley Rd,  Alpine, CA 91901

Start Time: 6:30 am

Bib Pickup: bib pickup begins at 5:45 am

Course type: 1 Mile long dirt loop course

Other Details:


  • $60 per team member