Covid-19 Precautions

We are still continuing to work with the state and local guidelines to open fun, healthy events. We will be complying with CDC health & safety standards to ensure everyone can come outside and have some fun while staying safe.

Please stay safe and respectful of others as we all do what we can to help everyone stay safe together. Thank you.

Bar H Boogie

What a treat! We're getting the gang together for a 3-in-1 event. Epic recess will be working together with the Ride & Tie Association and the Bar H Ranch to put on a trifecta of adventures!

What is Ride & Tie?

Ride & Tie is an extremely fun event for a team of two people and a horse. It's a fun, challenging sport combining running, riding, endurance and strategy. Teams consist of two runners and one horse who complete a course by “leapfrogging” one another. Partners do this for the entire distance and each team learns to maximize the different members’ strengths and weaknesses to their advantage. This year also marks Ride & Tie's 50th anniversary! To find out more information please visit

What is Equathon?

Another exciting option offered at some of the Ride & Tie events is called Equathon. Grab your favorite endurance rider or runner and compete in this fast-growing sport! It’s kind of like a Ride & Tie, but the rider never has to get off the horse. Basically the horse and rider do the first loop, then when the horse reaches pulse criteria at the vet check (usually between 64-68 heartbeats per minute), the runner then tackles the second loop. The distances for the rider and runner may be the same or different and may vary from event to event. Sounds like fun, right! If you are really an exercise fanatic, you can do the Equathon as a solo or “Iron” team. Ride your horse for the first loop, jump off and allow your horse to reach pulse criteria, and then run the second loop on foot. Now doesn’t that sound like a hoot?

The Courses

So many fun events, it can be hard to decide which to do!
The breakdown for the events is as follows:


For the Ride & Tie events there are 10 mile and 20 mile events.


For the Equathon it is a 20 mile event that can be done as either a team (1 rider, 1 runner) or Ironperson (1 person riding and running)


If you want to take part in the Trail Run there are 10 mile and 20 mile events.
As always there are tech tees included with your event fee and there will be awards!
When finished with the race there will be a light lunch with refreshments!

If you would like to learn more about Bar H Ranch visit
If you would like to learn more about Ride & Tie visit


Date: 10/29/22

Location: 15650 Alto Lago Dr, Perris, CA 92570

Start Times:

  • Trail Run - 6:30am

  • Ride and Tie - 7:00 am

  • Equathon - 7:00 am


Trail Run

  • 10 mile - $60

  • 20 mile - $75

Ride & Tie

  • 10 mile - $140

  • 20 mile - $140


  • IronPerson - $80

  • Team - $140