Covid-19 Precautions

We are still continuing to work with the state and local guidelines to open fun, healthy event. We will be complying with CDC health & safety standards to ensure everyone can come outside and have some fun while staying safe.

Please stay safe and respectful of others as we all do what we can to help everyone stay safe together. Thank you.

THAAAANK YOOOOOU to the all participants and all the volunteers who came out to make the 2021 Windfall Full Moon Trail Run success!
Despite the cloud cover we still had fun running in the dark and shining our lights. Thank you all!!

5K Race Results as PDF - August 21th 2021 Windfall Full Moon Trail Run 5K Race Result 
10K Race Results as PDF - August 21th 2021 Windfall Full Moon Trail Run 10K Race Result 
15K Race Results as PDF - August 21th 2021 Windfall Full Moon Trail Run 15K Race Result 
30K Race Results as PDF - August 21th 2021 Windfall Full Moon Trail Run 30K Race Results 

All event photos over 1 year old are archived

Windfall Full Moon Trail Run

Epic Recess is getting flashy - and reflective!
Come experience our night time escapade, the Windfall Full Moon Trail Run!


The weekend of our event will be the Sturgeon full moon, giving the trails a beautiful night time glow. There's no better time to experience a great summer night outdoors in San Diego. As bright as the moon will be we still require all runners to bring a headlamp or flashlight for safety. Have fun with it though, make yourself as light and bright and funky as you want! You won't want to miss this!

The Courses

We will be marking 4 distances with reflectors and reflective markers. We have a 5k loop as well as a 10k loop and if you decide you want to run both that's 15k! For the truly brave night runners looking for a challenge doing them twice is a full 30k! The trails are mostly single track trails with ups, downs, and some technical footing which can be challenging in the moonlight. These are private trails that can't be accessed except for during our events.
  • 5k
  • 10k
  • 15k
  • 30k


Camping will be available on site and will open at noon on the day of the race.

Aid Stations and Goodies

All of our aid stations will be reflective and aglow so they can be spotted easily on the trails. This year we have no contact aid, cup-less aid stations. To promote distance and safety you will need to bring your own water bottle/holder. Our aid stations will be stocked with fluids, fruits, and snacks. After the race there will be drinks and cookies.
T-Shirts will be handed out with bib pickup, and all completion goodies will be handed out at the finish line. We will have division awards in all distances.


Date: 08/21/21

Location: 21800 Japatul Valley Rd. Alpine, Ca. 91901

Start Time: 7:30 pm Pacific

Bib Pickup: 6:30 pm-7:15 pm race day

Course type: Single Track Trail/ Some Technical Inclines and Declines

Other Details:
  • Easy to spot, glowing night time aid stations strategically placed for your success
  • Be sure to bring your own water holder/bottle for aid stations
  • Tech tees included with registration
  • Completion and division award


  • 5k distance - $55

  • 10k, 15k, and 30k distances - $65

This event is being sanctioned and held with permissions from: